There’s no place for commonplace in communications. No room for disregard in design. We operate in a competitive world. A world where change is constant, and markets don’t shift, they shake. At Bolin, we strive for more. The opportunity to make a difference. To embrace challenges and solve problems. To be thoughtful and create for the future. We are driven by a desire to make a positive impact. On brands. On people. And on the bottom line.





We are an independent marketing and communications agency, and have been for 70 years now. Not by accident. And definitely not by sitting on our laurels. But by always pushing ourselves; changing with the times. By learning new things and letting go of old. By always looking up, and forward. Setting the bar high, and reaching higher. For our clients, for ourselves and for the greater good. Because if we’re not forging headlong into challenges, bending the rules and sometimes breaking them, then we’re not doing our job. Worthy of our partners trust. Good communication isn’t just about celebrity endorsement, influencers, or big game ads. It’s about engaging and moving people. It’s about striving for better. In all things. From everyone. At all times.


Bolin is a founding member of Tribe Global, a growing network of successful, independent, owner-run communications agencies. With more than 30 agencies in 43 cities across Europe, North and Latin America, the Middle East and Asia, we combine the scale of a network with a spirit of strategic and creative independence.

At Tribe Global we have one very unique thing in common – we’re all different. This is captured by our mantra of One Tribe. Many Vibes which is a celebration of our differences and the uniqueness of our people and their agencies. We work together not because we have to, but because we want to. It’s what makes us one Tribe. It’s what makes us Tribe Global.

core values

Act with Integrity

Always do the right thing. This is our foundation. The direction in which our moral compass is set. To look forward, treating our work and each other with the utmost respect.

strength in collaboration

Working together to elevate our agency as one team. But a team isn’t just a group of people who work together, it’s a group of people who trust each other.

Quality over Quantity

We believe that quality is the measure that all work should be judged by. It’s a value that fundamentally represents who we are as people. To do something the right way and not cut corners. Everything is in the details.

Communication is key

We embrace the ability and responsibility to articulate our thoughts and ideas with conviction. By establishing a culture of open communication and setting clear expectations for success.

Create with Curiosity

We are curious people. A collective group of ambitious individuals driven by a sense of wonderment. A constant need to uncover potential, find truths and seek solutions.



President / Chief Executive Officer

Todd is an experienced entrepreneur and founding member of the Tribe Global agency network.

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Chief Creative Officer

Justin is a passionate creative, consummate professional and natural born leader.

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Chief Growth Officer

Lindsey is a beloved and trusted advocate for our clients and leader of new business growth for the agency.

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Chief Financial Officer

Tom is an experienced, respected financier with a deep history in business operations.

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