Bolin Logo Redo: 1970s

By Justin Zwieg  /  Chief Creative Officer

Eco-Conscious Design.
Can You Dig It?

America spent the 60s looking up. The space race, culminating in the 1968 moon landing, captivated everyone, bringing Americans a deep sense of pride and optimism. But it also brought an arresting and completely unexpected change in our perspective. Blue Marble (taken in 1972) is one of the first awe-inspiring images taken by NASA of earth from space. Blue Marble and photos like it marked a dramatic shift in the way people saw the world—for once, in its complete, seemingly-serene totality. They inspired people to start looking down, down at the ground they stood upon and called home.

The U.S. celebrated it’s first Earth Day on April 22nd, 1970, the same year the Environmental Protection Agency was established, accompanied by the installation of federal clean water and air protections. The environmental movement influenced the aesthetic of the 70s immensely. Suddenly, earth tones were everywhere—homes, magazines, runways, album covers, packaging, advertising, you name it. The sleek lines, pre-fab style, and plastics of the 60s were replaced by organic forms, pre-industrial techniques, and natural materials in the 70s. Macramé, traditional textiles, and handmade pottery could be found in almost every 1970s home, likely accompanied by moss green shag carpeting.

Bolin In The 1970s

In the 1970s, Bolin became a family-run business with founder Mike Bolin’s three sons joining the agency. (Including our current owner Todd!) The new generation’s energy gave the agency a reason to look ahead and think of generations to come—not unlike how the environmental movement was coming together for its next generation. For this third installment of the Bolin Logo Redo, I wanted the team to create a logo that embraces the earthy, passionate, and future-conscious moment that made the 1970s distinctive.

(The team explored a number of color palettes. But, how could we not feature
this one? It was so dominant and so pervasive. It also stands the tests of time.)

The 70s have a terrible reputation when it comes to design. (I admit, some of the color pallettes are more baby food-esque than I’d prefer.) But the shift towards a more global perspective, the celebration of natural materials, and the focus on the environmental impact of the things we design is a valuable legacy. Maybe I’m naive, but I believe that disco isn’t dead, world peace is possible, and earth tones can be gorgeous, when done right.

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