Bolin Logo Redo: 2000s

By Justin Zwieg  /  Chief Creative Officer

Nothing But Big News In A Decade That Can’t Be Named

The 2000s was a decade of seismic change and striking contrasts. On the lighter side, it introduced us to blogs on every subject, random thoughts on social media, thousands of songs at our fingertips, and cats on video. Yet it also gave us the falling of the Twin Towers, the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, the first black POTUS, and the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. We watched in gob-smacked awe as Paris Hilton, reality TV, and leaked sex-tapes broke traditional boundaries of privacy and decency, all while enduring bursting economic bubbles, extreme unemployment, and letters filled with anthrax. It was a decade that did, and continues to, defy classification. Historians still argue over what it should be called.

In design, the 2000s was a time of reaction and readjustment. Emerging from a period that pitted order and clarity, against computer-driven chaos, designers were enjoying an aesthetic calming down. The grungy experimentation and bold, contrasting vibrancy of the 90’s had given way to a world of clarity and rationalism. A world where sans-serif fonts were living large, and Helvetica reigned king.


Bolin In The 2000s

Bolin spent much of the 2000s trying to help clients survive the 2000s. It was a decade of change and turmoil for most, and required a steady hand and sound thinking to navigate successfully. Luckily, Bolin proved once again, to have both. This installment in the Bolin Logo Redo proved more difficult than previous decades. Perhaps we’re not distanced enough from the 2000s to look back upon them critically? Perhaps it was a decade the defies classification, not only by name, but also by by aesthetic? Regardless, the 2000s will go down as a challenging decade to work through, and apparently, recreate.

Of all of the options, this one struck the right balance for the mid-2000s – a time when designers overused Photoshop effects and companies were attempting to look mature yet modern, sophisticated yet innovative. For this, we used a simple san-serif extended typeface with a soft gradient, subtle reflection, and a little (we do motion design and animations) light flare.

Its hard for me to be objective about the 2000s. It was the decade in which I found my stride as an artist, designer and creative. I spent most of these years diving deep into the newly released Adobe Creative Suite while learning the ropes in marketing and advertising. I embraced the challenge, I loved it. I was being pushed beyond my limits, building my own aesthetic, and learning every step of the way. Will it go down in history as a truly great decade for design? Probably not. Time will tell. But for me, I’ll always look back fondly and remember it as one of the best.

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