Bolin Logo Redo: 2010s

By Justin Zwieg  /  Chief Creative Officer

Screens, screens and more screens.

Technology has a tendency to outdate itself rapidly. Think of the digital cameras of the early 2000s. They were less capable than today’s smartphones. Which will be far less capabale than tomorrow’s. In the 2010’s, this rapid progression of technology impacted design, and lives dramatically. By 2010 we had the I-phone, Android and the I-Pad. Before the decade was over Google Glass, Oculus Rift, and augmented and virtual reality had had their moments, and mobile usage had officially surpassed desktop usage.  We were all interacting with the world and each other via screens in the palm of our hands. And we liked it.

The shift to small screens and direct communication had an immediate impact on design. Designers had to focus on readability and sparse interfaces, paving the way for minimalist trends and a cross over to UX. With digital spaces growing at an exponential rate, designers found their workload on the rise, and their toolbox and skillsets had to keep up. By 2011 designers already had the Adobe Creative Cloud, Procreate, Sketch and Invision to master. And before long portfolio sites, freelancer platforms, online learning, and studios would all move up and into the cloud. They’re yet to come down.


Bolin In The 2010s

During the 2010’s we, like many in our industry, spent much of our time adjusting to the rapidly evolving digital landscape. Attention spans were decreasing, while the number of screens vying for consumers’ attention was increasing. It was a decade of deep learning. Learning to make the most of social media. To take advantage of data. And, most importantly, to keep things human. The 2010 installment in the Bolin Logo Redo reflects the decade’s move to minimalism. It is clean, simple and sophisticated. There’s something timeless about it that I really love. Stamped on an old wooden tool box, it could be from the 1950’s. Emblazoned across the thruster of a Mars orbiter, it could be from the 2030’s. It’s interesting how stripping away the superfluous can leave something so, well, super.

I joined Bolin in midst of the 2010’s and as a creative with a background in painting, sketching, and hand-drawn typefaces, found the shift toward technology and small screens challenging. But in all the right ways. I had to learn how to better transfer my skills and make the most of new software. And I am still learning. But that’s the best part. I don’t see a shift toward technology as detrimental to the design skill set or aesthetic. I see it as additive. Our creative team can do more now, with more tools, than it ever could before. And that’s a good thing. For our team, for Bolin, and for our clients.

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