By Todd Bolin  /  Chief Executive Officer

For the past 23 years, Bolin has had the same home. A highly visible, well-known location on the southside of Highway 394, just west of Downtown Minneapolis.


It’s been exceedingly convenient, from easy freeway access to free parking, our building has given us a wonderful place to foster creativity, build growth and connect with our clients and each other. Perhaps, the most unexpected perk however, was the incredible visibility of our exterior signage. Countless times, when meeting with someone locally for the first time, the question ‘oh, are you the same Bolin as the sign on 394?’ would be one of the first things that was asked.

Things that are comfortable are always hard to change. And yet, often times this is where the opportunity lies. When an offer came this past spring to sell the building, well it truly was an offer I couldn’t refuse. Yes, it’s bittersweet. And although it means the end of this physical address, it provides us the opportunity and excitement to further evolve and grow our brand.


We are still here through the end of 2020, but over the next couple months we will be finding a new location for us to work, play and create. New surroundings that inspire more fresh thinking and growth moving forward. Be on the lookout to see where we hang our sign next.