2019 was a big year for Bolin. Justin Zwieg was promoted into the role of Chief Creative Officer and Lindsey Denne to Chief Growth Officer. Kris Growcott, joined the agency as a strategist and Senior Creative Director, Jessica Anderson as Director of Project Management, Mitchell Baker as Project Manager, Aryanna Amos as Senior Account Manager, and Shannon Fletcher as Copywriter and Strategist. New leadership and new hires brought new energy, and new vision. But, if 2019 was big, 2020 is turning out to be huge.

That being said, the year to date has been anything but business as usual.

January and February were spent serving a growing list of client needs, growing our team, and scoping new projects. Ivan Trushin joined us as Design Director, we presented new campaigns and product names to DAP, and, amidst a barrage of deadlines, we scoped. From naming, brand identity, and packaging, to website development, media buying, and video production – we were scope-central there for a good four to five weeks. Then, poised to add additional talent and capacity to our team, Covid-19 became a pandemic and disrupted our world, and everyone else’s.

2020 Is Our 70th Year In Business.

No ordinary feat for any organization. But for an independent marketing and communications agency, it’s almost unheard of. Through our 70 years, we’ve faced numerous challenges to our industry – the rapid growth and popularity of television, the introduction of the internet, the online shopping boom, the Great Recession, and the new, data-driven economy. But never have we had to face a challenge like Covid-19. Never have we had to vacate our offices and distance ourselves from each other, and our clients. But, as with all previous challenges, we are facing the pandemic with resolve and determination. We’ve adapted the way we work, and communicate. And found new and novel ways to unite as a team and excel as individuals.

As the pandemic continues, we’re even more determined to do great work and move the needle for our clients. While most septuagenarians (yes, that is how its spelled) would be expected to be taking it easy, we’re doing anything but. We’re currently working on the launch of five new brands, are in pre-production for numerous film projects, and are deep in the process of developing a new sales tool for a national bank. And amidst all of that, we’ve been remodeling – our office, our brand, and our website.

Unfortunately Our Office Is A Work In Process.

But our refreshed brand and website are ready for public consumption. On the brand side, we’ve introduced a more refined design aesthetic and been a little more selective with the use of our Bolin Blue. The changes are intentionally subtle, but bring a more modern, sturdy look and feel to the brand. On the website side, the changes are anything but subtle. As you would have noticed if you ever visited our older site, we’ve changed the layout completely, updated all of our case studies, and done away with more complex navigational elements. The result, we hope you’d agree, is a more visual, more striking, more engaging website and brand experience.

In March, deep in the midst of the pandemic, we pitched one of our clients a campaign built around a pretty powerful, universal truth:

You Only Realize Your True Strength, When You’re Faced With A Challenge.

While we weren’t thinking of it at the time, we were, in that moment, living that truth. We were being challenged at every turn. And as a result, finding our true strength. As creatives. As communicators. And as an agency. The year is not over yet. There’s plenty of work still to be done. But we’re proud of what we’ve already achieved in our 70th year. And we think Mike Bolin, our founder, a war veteran and a man who saw his fair share of challenges, would be too.