2020 promises to be a big year for Bolin. Not only is it the agency’s 70th year in business, but it will also be the first full year that the agency is being led by a duo of very talented millennials.

In June of 2019, CEO Todd Bolin promoted Justin Zwieg (formerly of Atomic Playpen, Campbell Mithun, and McCann) into the role of Chief Creative Officer. “For the past six years, Justin has been an integral part of the agency’s success. He is a natural-born leader who embraces challenges and continually excels,” said Bolin. Zwieg is very excited to refresh the agency’s brand, uncover new opportunities, amplify partnerships, and re-invigorate the agency.

“We work with brands every single day. But it is imperative to remember that brands are organic. It’s crucial to nurture them with a sense of purpose. Our brand is no exception. I’m pleased with the steps we are taking to reimagine Bolin, inside and out. From culture to capabilities, we’re coming together as a team and helping each other grow. In all ways,” notes Zwieg.

At the same time, Lindsey Denne was promoted to Chief Growth Officer after five years of dedicated and exemplary service at Bolin. Cultivating numerous, invaluable client relationships during her time with the agency, Lindsey now oversees Bolin’s new business efforts and entire client roster. A roster that includes sizeable local and national companies like Menards, US Bank, LeafLine Labs, DAP, and Resideo.

“We believe in creating honest relationships with our clients. Partnerships that are built on respect and integrity. We don’t just come to work to complete tasks – we genuinely care and want to help our clients solve problems and discover new opportunities,” said Denne.

Established in 1950, the Bolin agency was founded by Todd’s father, Mike Bolin. Over its 70 years, the agency has evolved and adapted, outlasting many of its larger, more traditional contemporaries. It may just be Bolin’s willingness to make bold changes that has ensured its 70-year success.

Zwieg notes, “many business owners might shy away from giving us, as young professionals, the opportunity to lead and shape the business. But that is exactly what we have at Bolin. It’s a responsibility that Lindsey and I feel extremely excited about, and fully embrace.”

Denne adds, “I’ve had really positive conversations with our partners about the changes we’ve made and will continue to make at Bolin. All of our client relationships are grounded in honesty and transparency, and we have mutual trust.”

Adding additional energy to Justin and Lindsey’s new vision for Bolin is another talented millennial, Michael Smith. As Director of Media and Connections, Michael understands that though digital and connected services have become more mainstream in advertising, he and his team are eager to introduce new technology and capabilities to some of the agency’s oldest clients.  According to Smith, “we’ve delivered some pretty staggering results for several of our clients this past year. And we’re only just starting to scratch the surface.”

In addition to the new leadership, Bolin has also signed six new staff members recently. On the creative team, Kris Growcott, an Australian transplant formerly of ICF Next (sic Olson), joined the agency as a Senior Creative Director and Strategist. Others include Ivan Trushin, Design Director, Shannon Fletcher, Copywriter, and Strategist. Jessica Anderson, also formerly of ICF Next, heads up production as Director of Project Management, and Mitchell Baker has signed on as project manager. Rounding out the new hires is Aryanna Amos, Senior Account Manager.

Zwieg adds, “I’m proud of our entire team, from our great new hires to the amazing group of talented and smart people who have been with us for years. We are a work-family who treats each other with respect. What more could you ask for? If we stay focused, positive, and ambitious, our potential is endless.”

On Tuesday of this week, Bolin officially launches their new website, refreshing the site with current work and a more refined design aesthetic. The agency promises there is much more to come.

“It’s an exciting time to be in the agency business. It’s definitely not business as usual. The new team we have in place has already proven they can work together to achieve great results. 2020 is going to be an amazing year for the agency. My father would be proud,” says Bolin.

Check out the new Bolin at www.bolinmarketing.com

About Bolin:

Bolin is a strategic + creative agency. Our team embraces new marketing and advertising challenges by continually trying to find and uncover potential. It is this entrepreneurial spirit and pragmatic approach that inspires us to learn more, think smarter, and design better. From strategy and insights to brands and products, or campaigns and content, we approach each project, small or large, with curiosity and genuine passion for finding an effective and successful solution. We are driven by a desire to make a positive impact. On brands. On people. And on the bottom line. Simply put, we Strive for BetterTM.




For more information, contact Todd Bolin at 612 236 0702, or email tbolin@bolinmarketing.com