There’s no doubt the past year has been very challenging for agencies and clients to develop great visual content. Many productions, large and small, have been rescheduled, put on hold or eliminated entirely.


In the spring, it felt as though the only possibilities were to be creative with existing assets, leverage animation and CGI or scour the web in search of decent stock photography and video. However, as lockdowns eased and we learned more about how COVID spreads, we were able to pivot and create a process for productions that adhered to safety first and allowed us to create new content from scratch.

For Bolin’s creative team itching to ‘make stuff,’ the thought of undertaking another significant television production was not only exciting but a formidable task. Shooting outside would have been preferable in some ways but the product we were asked to feature was a wardrobe closet system that required a rather elaborate indoor set to be constructed. Fortunately, we were able to use our inhouse studio which allowed us to control access, timing and activity flow. Despite an ambitious concept, the number of talent and crew required was kept to a minimum, often times only 3-4 people on set. Pre-production planning mapped out the additional safety steps required for distancing, gaining access to the shoot site as well as regular temperature/health checks. On set, masks were required at all times with the exception of our talent performing while the camera was rolling. Our client was located out of state and chose to monitor takes, approve selects and oversee operations through real-time, online video reviews and consistent check-ins.


The keys to success include controlled access to the set and surroundings, strict adherence to safety protocols and a shared commitment by all involved to make the project a success. All in all, it was blend of patience, creativity and communication. Other recent projects that the Bolin Studio has completed include a large-scale product photoshoot (with over 150 products shot at a minimum of 5 angles by a single photographer and assistant) for a client’s website and FAQ/instructional product videos.


If you have been delaying your video and photography content projects, we would love to help. To find out how our most recent, coronavirus-safe production turned out, check out the final broadcast commercial. Enjoy!