Creativity Beyond The Creative Department

Ever heard of the paper clip test? It’s a divergent thinking exercise that’s often used to test creativity, or to get a group’s creative juices flowing. It’s simple: you hand each person or group a paper clip and ask them to think of as many different uses for it as possible within a given timeframe. The results can be pretty…out there. And that’s the point! It’s a shortcut to getting brains thinking outside the box. (We recommend doing this with your kids for extra silly and creative answers!)

At Bolin, creativity isn’t just happening in the creative department. It’s a part of everyone’s job at the agency. So, to celebrate National Creativity Day, we did an agency-wide paper clip test with a doodle twist! The challenge was to turn a paper clip into something new using only a piece of paper, a pen, and a paperclip. We were delightfully surprised with the team’s results! Even our CEO got involved! Can you pick his sketches? Bet you can’t. And that’s the whole point.