We are currently seeking a talented and ambitious Copywriter extraordinaire to join our Creative team.


Great writing is a skill that is developed over time. It’s similar to a classical symphony, the words are the instruments playing in unison to achieve a greater result. Personally and professionally, we use thousands of words everyday. We use these words to provide information, but more than that we use words to communicate and connect, to provide a compelling narrative and tell a meaningful story that resonates with our audience. 

The individual chosen for this position will be a crucial member of our creative team. You will be working directly with other talented creatives to concept, develop and execute a wide range of ideas and projects for a variety of our clients, including Bolin. This is not a one-size fits all position, you will be required to learn and understand a number of different industries, collaborate with clients, wear multiple hats and showcase your skills. Most of all, you will be required to have fun, embrace the opportunity, be positive and support your team members. 

All letters and numbers are at your disposal. Let’s go to work.



  • Outstanding organization skills, excellent attention to detail, and a desire to perfect your craft
  • Ability to juggle multiple projects at once, last-minute requests, and quick turnarounds
  • Collaborates with team to ensure copy and visuals work seamlessly together
  • Receives and provides constructive feedback on all projects, internal and external
  • Being an active participant in brainstorms, working sessions and meetings
  • Ability to confidently present work to fellow team members and agency executives
  • Proficient writing ability with an attention to detail
  • Capable of writing hard-hitting, descriptive copy as well as emotional storytelling
  • Comfortable and confident using Microsoft Office Suite
  • 4+ years of agency experience
  • Knowledge and understanding of the Adobe Creative Suite, specifically InDesign
  • Additional experience with Brand Strategy and Naming is a plus