Put Your Products on Display

By: Justin Zwieg / Chief Creative Officer

Read Time: 3 Minutes

For years, the ritual of unboxing a new product has captivated our attention. That split-second moment of excitement and anticipation as we cut and tear through layers of tape, fighting off cardboard flaps with one hand, while the other struggles to navigate the labyrinth of packaging peanuts and bubble wrap.

This brief yet unbridled chaos translates into an experience that connects with all of us. For many adults, it harkens back to past birthday celebrations and holidays, anxiously awaiting the opportunity to open presents and uncover what item will occupy our time over the hours, days, and weeks ahead.

The act of opening a box is a simple one. It’s universal—a learned behavior taught to us as children. However, as simple as that act might be, it still piques our curiosity to this day.

With retail environments ever-changing, packaging is more important than ever. In a digital world driven by eCommerce, the products we purchase daily or weekly arrive at our doorsteps inside of a box. Often that box is just the beginning. Our prized item is usually packed inside of another box.

Regardless of industry, the need for packaging has transformed a simple cardboard box into a physical carrier of our dreams. The visceral experience of opening a box or package has now become a daily ritual that fills us with a sense of curiosity and satisfaction.

As a result, companies are becoming increasingly aware that they need to wow their customers with a great product and even better packaging. In many ways, packaging is a first impression that can’t be ignored—helping you gain traction, expand your identity, and build brand affinity.


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