Identify Opportunities With Social Listening

Life has changed, business has changed. Now, more than ever, brands need to have a pulse on essential, real-time intelligence to make business-critical decisions going forward. Have you ever thought: What is your audience feeling about themselves, your category, and your brand? How are your competitors positioning themselves (or not) through their online activities? What are the real-time issues affecting the vitality of your brand and where are the gaps and true opportunities? Maybe a few months ago you thought you knew. But today, it’s likely all changed. It’s downright risky to build a plan for the rest of 2020 and beyond with intelligence that was gathered even just a few short months ago.

Social Monitoring vs. Social Listening
The terms may sound similar, but they represent different levels of effort and value. Social monitoring keeps track of social media mentions and conversations specifically about your brand; it’s reactive. A brand can see what people are saying about them and communicate back once a conversation has opened up. Social listening on the other hand can be proactive, by helping to unlock insights about your audience you didn’t realize you could learn. Social listening finds root causes behind social conversations and draws out insights for brands to implement into long-term strategy changes. Through social listening, brands can more confidently reset their ‘go forward’ plans to address a landscape they couldn’t have imagined earlier this year. They can adapt their marketing strategies based on a new understanding of what customers want, develop new ideas based on industry trends, and improve customer experience by interacting directly with customers to address their current needs.

So, before you commit to the ‘new next,’ consider refreshing your social intelligence foundation with a deep dive audit that includes social listening, real-time critical insights, and actionable recommendations that can put your brand on the right road ahead.

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