As they say, the only constant in life is change. Markets evolve, trends shift, and consumers age. Maintaining a brand’s relevance requires regular, ongoing attention. How a brand looks and acts, from graphic identity to messaging and personality, must continually align with customer needs. They must demonstrate the purpose and values of the organization in ways that both customers and stakeholders expect from brands they affiliate with. Beyond the external reasons cited above, there can be internal factors as well. Perhaps a series of acquisitions over time have created a patchwork of disjointed sub-brands that taken together offer few synergies or confusion. How do you unlock and leverage the immense commercial value of a brand? Do you tweak the logo design or introduce something more dramatic? Revisit company mission, vision, and values? Do you need to initiate or update stakeholder and/or ‘voice of the customer’ work? And what are the implications and costs associated with implementing an identity change throughout the organization and/or product portfolio? These questions and more can complicate the way forward and result in brands not performing to their potential.


One of the ways we help clients solve their branding challenges is by offering a bundled approach to brand evolution. With three basic tiers Redesign, Refresh, and Rebrand; each level builds on the previous one. And while each situation may require slightly different deliverables and criteria, this tiered approach helps marketers make more informed decisions by simplifying the process and better understanding the financial investment required for each level. Brands today are typically among an organization’s most valuable assets. Regular attention to keeping them updated and relevant will help ensure they perform at their best. To find out what’s included in each tier, see below. Or contact us directly with additional questions and to get started.