By: Jack Silverman


West Side Story is one of the great stories and productions of the past century. William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet originally inspired it. During the late 1950s and early 1960s, it took shape as a book, Broadway musical, and live-action film. This story attracted countless people worldwide because of its entertaining and engaging approach to portraying topical and relevant challenges to audiences everywhere. The story centers around the conflict of competing interests like the user experiences on many of today’s websites.

Specifically, as a company, how do you present your brand online? What is your narrative? It is important to remember that a genuine connection requires clear communication and that your audiences recognize, understand, and embrace. Now, I fully understand that life challenges in the 1950s and 1960s are not a direct comparison to the modern digital world of 2021. Life is different, but the underlying sentiment that rings true is always to tell your story in an entertaining and engaging way.

Like most everyone, the corporate world was caught off guard when COVID hit. Companies rushed to get their “digital house” in order. Digital transformation, eCommerce, influencer marketing, search engine optimization, webinars, online learning, virtual events quickly became immediate priorities during the pandemic. For many, it was the transition to online commerce to sell and deliver their products. I’ve heard this scenario repeatedly talking to dozens of B2B and B2C companies over the last twenty months.

In my business development role, I spend a lot of time researching online. On average, I view at least 50 new websites per week. These sites typically look good and are, for the most part, functional. What’s missing in many cases is the ‘why.’ What’s the primary reason to do business with this brand? In all too many cases, what makes them unique or different is lost in a flurry of product information. Don’t get me wrong; these sites need good and complete product information. But why should I do business with them over their competition? They all say they have great products, excellent service, customer focus, and fast delivery (okay, maybe not so much today given supply chain shortages).

Of course, the missing link I’m referring to is the brand story, and it’s not just the logo or a tagline. It’s the value proposition, the reason for being, and why should a prospective customer engage with the brand in the first place. Too many websites are missing that essential element of their story.

At Bolin, we excel at creating and enhancing brands, updating existing brands, or creating new ones from the ground up. We can help you tell your brand story understandably and in a differentiated way. Your website should tell that story, front and center, compellingly and engagingly. If you’re ready to refresh your website or your brand, please get in touch with me at