Starting A Movement That Builds

Building Materials + Construction

Solving a Shortage of Supply

Minnesota suffers from a shortage of contractors and independent construction workers. Four associations with a vested interest decided to do something about it and asked for Bolin’s help in promoting careers in the construction industry.

Building the Foundations

Working in collaboration with the organizations, we explored numerous ways to achieve their goal. Together we decided to launch a strategic and timely careers program – Project Build MN. To appeal to our audience, we created a brand that felt gritty, strong and somewhat rebellious.

Starting a Movement

In addition to giving them the necessary design and messaging tools, we stood with the four founding members as they promoted the project at trade shows and sought additional support from the private and public sector. We’re proud to have played an instrumental role in launching a program that continues to aid in the development and success of our state’s economy.



Brand Strategy
Product Launch
Audience Segmentation
Messaging Matrix


Logos & Icon Systems
Web Design


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