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The Commonwealth of Dominica is an island nation nestled deep in the West Indies. It’s not the largest or most well known island in the area, but it is one of the most rugged. With Bolin’s help, Dominica wanted to entice active adventurers to visit The Nature Island.

Winning Entry of the 2015 Dominica Film Challenge (courtesy: Riot House, Lyon, France)

Call of the Wild

To grab the attention of young adventurers, we engaged the help of young adventurers. We issued a global call for entries and selected six influencer/creative teams to the island, challenging them to help us tell an authentic Dominica story. Returning with amazing, raw content, the teams submitted their projects for online voting, sharing their films and enthusiasm for Dominica across all social platforms.

Content and Coverage

During its two year run, the Dominica Film Challenge created an amazing return on investment, garnering over 100M impressions. In addition to video submissions, teams shared their experiences with online communities, further captivating, inspiring and motivating adventurers to consider a visit to the Nature Island.



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