Connecting with Consumers

Honeywell has controlled the majority of the home thermostat market for over 100 years. When smart homes and connected devices emerged, Honeywell saw a shift in its audience. Early adopters of smart home technology, while a small percentage of Honeywell’s consumer base, now made up the lion’s share of the online conversation for Honeywell. With that shift came a need for Honeywell to speak to these consumers on their terms.


Turning up Social

Bolin launched Honeywell’s social care program, which expertly blended customer service, reputation management, and community management practices into a hybrid communication practice, unique to social.

To execute this, we took great care in crafting the Honeywell tone and voice and incorporated it into every aspect of our communications. We also mapped the customer journey in order to create a superior social experience as well as streamline the workflow between the social team and Honeywell internal teams.

Through this, Bolin managed four community channels as well as third-party review platforms including: the App Store, the Google Play Store, HomeDepot, Lowe’s, Best Buy, and Amazon with an SLA of a 10 minute response time on social. Bolin scaled efficiently to provide 24/7 service hours when necessary.


Attention to Detail

For the nearly four years that Bolin managed Honeywell’s social care, there were many KPIs and benchmarks tracked including the brand’s negative online sentiment which was regularly kept below 4% thanks to swift problem resolution. The number of customer care “cases” would often exceed 850/year. In addition, Bolin staffers were able to document regular examples of direct sales influence of Honeywell devices by offering product advice, locating the specific product at local retailers, and even putting product on hold for customers. At the time, an article in Forbes magazine actually highlighted (much to the surprise of the author) the surprising success and professionalism of Bolin’s online social care. Bolin had established a complete playbook of procedures, protocols, escalation triggers and staffing qualifications so that when Honeywell eventually brought this function in house, there was a comprehensive roadmap for a smooth transition and success going forward.

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