Putting The Sizzle Back in Sales

Food + Beverage

Selling More Sausages

Michael Foods is one of America’s leading food manufacturers and is dedicated to delivering innovative food products. However, their sales materials were anything but innovative. Michael Foods asked for our help in arming its sales teams with more engaging materials and tools.

Shining Light on the Necessities

Potatoes. Eggs. Sausages, links and patties. All important ingredients in a hearty, American breakfast. And equally important in the success of many food-related businesses. So, rather than continue to present them as commodities, we chose to elevate each of them, treating them with the love and care they deserve.

From Need to Want

From the Bolin Studio, we made each of Michael Foods’ products look fresh and delicious. We then romanced the language and refined the design aesthetic of each of the related sales sheets. And to complement the printed materials, we designed engaging, web-based applications to shift perceptions and move more product. In the end, we delivered a catalogue of tools as tasty as Michael Foods’ products.



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