Moving The Grease Industry Forward

Getting Into Grease

Chemtool (a division of Lubrizol) is the largest manufacturer of grease in North America. From manufacturing, steel, mining, and agriculture to transportation and automotive, Chemtool products and services literally keep the engines of the economy running smoothly.


Marketing a Messy Product

Deeply committed to research and development, Chemtool had a number of new formulations they were excited to bring to current and new customers. Buyers, while understanding the critical importance of high-performance grease and ‘functional fluids,’ often considered the category as a lower-involvement commodity. It was Chemtool’s vision to not only be the best manufacturer of grease, but also the best marketer of grease.


Catalyst By Chemtool

Bolin worked with the Chemtool brand team to develop a comprehensive customer experience program that combined both physical and digital experiences. Bolin branded the program Catalyst, which customers and prospects first encountered with a high impact, sales enablement kit delivered to their office which featured a number of custom items including a hard case, ball-bearing spinner, a ‘member ID’ passcode imprinted on a metal card, and program brochure. Recipients were then directed to log into a password-protected, web experience filled with exclusive value-added thought leadership content and advance release information of new formulations.


A Better Grease Experience

This new customer experience initiative has not only created sales excitement ‘greasing the skids’ for Chemtool sales reps to open new doors to new and existing customers but has engaged current customers to think of Chemtool in a deeper, more meaningful way. Initial feedback has been impressive. Targeted Chemtool customers have been extremely positive and excited about this new customer experience.


Brand Strategy
Product Launch
Audience Messaging


Identity Design

Packaging Design
Sales Collateral
Photography + Video
Web Design

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