Sometimes You Just Need to Burn Down a House

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Proving The Value of a Valve

Watts turned to Bolin when it needed to market SmartSense, its new gas connector, directly to consumers. Bolin’s challenge was to take a rarely thought about piece of hardware and make it a must-buy.

An Interesting Insight

In discussions with Watts we quickly realized the SmartSense gas connector could play a huge role in the safety and survival of a family. A new feature would automatically activate if the valve detected a potential threat. And, with just that information, we had an idea. This small, relatively inexpensive solution could prevent catastrophe – and in doing so, save lives.

Emerging From The Flames

Never an agency to walk away from challenge, we rigged our own head-mounted cameras and working with a local fire department, took our audience into a raging gas fire to experience its disorienting effects. In doing so we revealed a potential hidden danger of plumbing and demonstrated that installing a simple yet smart valve could be one of the most important things you ever do.



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