Without a doubt,

video has become one of the most important ways to communicate with customers. Once only viewable on TV or the Silver Screen, video is now used in a wide variety of ways – on a desktop or mobile device, in-store or online, through a social media story or by text or email. Marketing videos come in long and short form, can be funny or serious, and can inform and entertain.

Customers are more likely to pay attention to video than other content forms, such as articles (which they can skim) and podcasts (which are great for multitasking). Videos are the content type that consumers (especially younger consumers) would like to see more of in the future compared to any other content type.

And most marketers are responding accordingly. 69% of B2C marketers and 64% of B2B marketers have increased their use of audio/visual content (e.g., videos, live streaming, webinars) compared to a year ago, more than any other type of content.

These nine video content types can substantially increase customer engagement.

1. FAQ

Why Use FAQ Video?

Videos that use the Frequently Asked Questions format are designed to quickly and succinctly tackle the biggest issues/concerns/questions your customers have. The format also creates a sense of community around your product or service because it lets your customer know that they’re not the only one wondering about a particular question. And they’re a good way to liven up the traditional text-based FAQ.


When creating a series of FAQ videos for Menards, we also took the opportunity to develop brand continuity and showcase a brand identity by featuring the same two hosts for all videos. This injected a human element to technical, how-to information for the DIY audience.



Why Use Technical Video?

In every industry—but particularly B2B—we’re challenged with describing technically intricate products and processes. While sharing specifications or functions is necessary, it doesn’t have to be boring. Using video with a creative approach to introduce the technical elements improves retention and better engages your customers.


When Watts introduced their new Backflow Preventer, we didn’t want to do a typical B2B spec sheet. We used CGI and 3D rendering to animate the product and show it from every angle. We brought it to life in order to show what it can do. The end result was a dynamic and informational technical demonstration that, ultimately, created even more excitement for the product.


Why Use Broadcast Video?

There’s been a myth for years that TV advertising is dying, an idea furthered by digital ad spending finally overtaking TV spending in 2019. However, the data shows that TV is still at the heart of successful campaigns. A majority of the 100 most successful global campaigns were TV-led. Why? Because it works. TV commanded twice the active viewing of YouTube and 15 times that of Facebook.


We created a traditional :30 spot for Menards to showcase their UltraDeck product. And while the format was traditional, we used the spot to change the way people think of their outdoor spaces. Not just for Summer and sun, decks could be an all-weather space…if you started with the right materials. The video focused the features and benefits of UltraDeck, but bookended with brand equity of Menards. Since the product could be targeted to any home owner, the broad reach and deep engagement of TV broadcast was the ideal channel for this message.


Why Use Social Video?

Video is the best performing content type on social media channels. Consider that Twitter has over one billion total video views per day, 93% of which are on mobile devices. Or that YouTube counted more than 50,000 years-worth on product review videos watched on mobile in a two-year period. Social video performs better too – video posts account for 59% more engagement than other Facebook posts, and Tweets with video have 10x more engagement than those without.


Honeywell needed a way to connect with a younger audience. Research showed that the company was seen as old and outdated. We helped them connect with millennials and redefine themselves as modern and innovative by using video in social spaces where younger consumers were. Creating brief, relevant content helped reshape Honeywell’s image in the minds of young homebuyers.


Why Use Video To Showcase A Product?

When making a purchase online, still images and product descriptions only go so far. Using video allows you to bring a product to life, show (rather than tell) the benefits and give you the time and space to tell a story that connects the product to something larger than itself. Perhaps that’s showing how it will improve customers’ lives, or lets you create a narrative about the brand and how this product is an extension of that identity.


ODL is a window manufacturer headquartered in Zeeland, Michigan. They wanted to showcase their new product, Blink Blinds Between Glass. These cordless designs provide a massive safety benefit for kids and pets. We knew that parents and pet owners would be attracted to this feature, but were able to use video to connect the product to something even larger. Safety is inherent, but with Blink they would also get a quality, Made-in-America product they could count on.


Why Tell A Case Story?

No matter the product or service, what we market touches humans’ lives in some way. Maybe it saves a business…or saves a life. Finding these stories and bringing them to life is best done through video. A well-done case story video allows the viewer to see emotions, hear voices and connect with your brand in a way that’s authentic and long-lasting.


Stratasys is a 3D printing technology company providing printers and custom-made parts. We helped them stand out in a sea of conversation about specifications and technology by telling a story about how their work makes a real difference: They printed a new heart. Through Stratasys’ innovation and expertise, they were able to create a to scale model of a small child’s heart, so the doctor could use it to solve what would have otherwise been an inoperable and rare heart condition.


Why Create An Explainer?

Some services and products can be hard for consumers to understand. On top of that, attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. But with video, people are likely to stay engaged with the content longer. When you need to help consumers better understand something, explainer videos do a better job of telling that story.


Fingerhut needed to help customers better understand their credit services. While the services could be very useful for customers in the lower income brackets, they were multi-tiered, complex and difficult to comprehend. We simplified the messaging through six, short videos. Each was educational and visual, explaining the benefits and how to use the service in an engaging step-by-step process.


Why Use Interviews?

The best way to make your brand feel more human is to talk to the humans that make up your brand. Interview videos can tell the story you want through the voices of the people behind the scenes. Conversely, you could choose to interview customers, partners or people that benefit from your product/service.


Pace was an unusual player in the analytical testing industry. Unlike its competitors, Pace had been under the same leadership for more than 40 years. Their founder, still at the helm, had a great story to tell about the passion and conviction he had for starting the company. We interviewed him and other senior leadership to tell a brand story that took Pace out of laboratory and made it all about the people, history and culture.


Why Use A Brand Anthem Video?

People want companies to stand for something, share their values and be more than a faceless corporation. In fact, 62% of consumers say their purchasing decisions are influenced by a company’s ethical values and authenticity. This doesn’t mean brands need to stake a position on an issue, but they need to be able to tell an authentic story about who they are and how they can relate to their key demographic. A brand anthem video is how you start telling that story.


Ameripride provides uniform laundering services. It can be difficult to identify what you stand for when it comes to laundry. But we helped them to develop a brand that centered—not around them or their clients—but around the hard-working Americans who donned clean uniforms every day, thanks to Ameripride. The brand anthem video made the company synonymous with rolling up your sleeves and taking pride in the sweat and stains earned over a long day.

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